Image of girl paddleboarding the Loxahatchee River with manatee swimming beneath her

Working for Our River

Since its inception in 2000, the Loxahatchee River Preservation Initiative (LRPI) has guided $45.7 million in regional watershed restoration projects within northeastern Palm Beach County and southern Martin County. The LRPI, a multi-agency partnership, has effectively leveraged state funds with local funds in a cost-share program which has a proven track record of delivering tangible environmental benefits aimed at preserving and protecting the resource for future generations to enjoy.

While the river, wildlife and our community benefit from the LRPI’s work already completed, there is more work to be done as the Loxahatchee River remains an impaired water body. The focus of the LRPI centers on the development of pathways to restore impaired waters in conjunction with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) through the formulation of a Reasonable Assurance Plan (RAP).  The LRPI places heightened emphasis on delivering projects included within the RAP. These investments will provide quantifiable pollutant loading reductions that will enable the Loxahatchee River to achieve water quality targets on an expedited timetable.